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About Our Company

Get to know us as a company. Find out how we got started and what we do.

Our History

We are an Internet-based college funding company that began about ten years ago. We wanted to provide a comprehensive online resource to students, graduates, and parents for college funding solutions. As technology has advanced, we have continued to revise our application process to maximize our customers’ convenience. It is now possible to complete the entire student loan consolidation process online with our electronic signature technology.  Over the last decade, we have grown and expanded our repertoire of products to better serve our customers. We now offer the following college financing solutions:

  • Private student loan consolidation
  • Federal student loan consolidation
  • A scholarship search engine
  • Federal and private student loans
  • Loans for parents and graduate students
  • Student loan and financial aid advice and resources

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring the benefits of student loan consolidation and other college funding solutions to as many people as possible. To do this, we try to make the student loan consolidation process as convenient and hassle-free as possible. With many of our competitors, you can request a student loan consolidation application online, but the process still requires you to fill out paperwork the old-fashioned way. We believe this is highly inefficient and a waste of your valuable time. Our student loan consolidation process is one of the few in the industry that can be completed paperlessly and entirely online. We also make it a point to contact you within 15 minutes after you submit your application (from 9AM-11PM EST) to give you the fastest, highest-quality service possible. You will notice the additional emphasis on quality and service when you apply for student loan consolidation with us. 

Our Service Promise to You

When you apply for student loan consolidation, you will have access to a loan advisor who is assigned to deal exclusively with your application. Your student loan consolidation advisor can help you complete the process and give you advice along the way. You will receive one-on-one, personalized service from your loan advisor throughout the application process. The loan advisor is there solely to serve you and make sure that your student loan consolidation experience is a positive one.