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Guide to Improving Your SAT Score

For many students, taking the SAT is one of the most intimidating and nerve-wracking experiences they’ll go through in high school. The outcome of the test can have a significant impact on their future, such as which colleges they’ll be admitted to and whether or not they’ll need a student loan. However, it’s good to know that students can retake their SATs if they want to improve their score. While improving one’s test score can be difficult, there are some simple tips you can follow. Take a look at this easy guide for improving your SAT score fast.

  • Practice Makes Perfect - It’s highly recommended that you spend plenty of time with practice tests for the SAT. Not only can these tests help you learn about the material you’ll be dealing with, they also allow you to get a look at the SAT’s structure. The SAT is notorious for the way it words questions and taking practice tests is a great way to get a feel for them. Also, when you grade your practice tests, be sure to figure out why you got a question wrong so you can learn the correct answer.

  • Know Your Formulas - When it comes to the math portion of the test, it’s important that you know the concepts that you’ll be dealing with. Before you take your SATs, familiarize yourself with all of the vital formulas and equations you’ll need to make use of. You will be able to use a calculator on the math section of the test, but even the most advanced calculator won’t be much help if you’re lost.

  • Work Together - If you’re having trouble committing yourself to studying and taking practice tests, try working with one of your fellow classmates. Many students find that studying with a friend can make the whole experience much more tolerable. Being able to quiz each other and bounce ideas off one another can be a big help.

  • Love to Read - One of the best ways to expand your vocabulary and improve your overall writing skills is to read. Writing and vocabulary make up a large portion of the SAT and there’s no easy way to study for them, other than constantly learning and reading. Many people recommend reading the newspaper daily, as it’s an easy and inexpensive way to improve reading comprehension. Keep a book handy for whenever you have a few spare minutes or maintain some flash cards with new words and definitions.

  • Don’t Exhaust Yourself - Students are well aware of how important the SAT is and often go to great lengths to prepare, but they may be doing more harm than good. Trying to cram too much information in the days before the test or staying up all night to study isn’t a good idea. It often just leads to more stress, which could hurt your test performance. Study hard, but don’t wait till the last minute and be sure to get plenty of rest before the big day.